Kathryn Pape

Kathryn Pape

Operations Manger

Our Social Media Guru!

Kathryn joined Event Team in 2012.  As our Operations Manager Kathryn is usually the first bright similing face you will encounter either on the phone or when you visit our office.  She is responsible for payroll, recruiting, hiring and scheduling Staff for all of our events.  Kathryn also keeps our Social Media accounts updated and full of fun Event Team content!


We bring it! You have it!


Striving to have a charitable impact on our local community through team building


Improve company dynamics by offering opportunities for groups to collaborate outside their typical day to day environment


Together creating unforgettable experiences for our guests and building strong relationships with our industry peers

Event Team Inc

With every event we facilitate, we provide an outstanding experience from the first call at our office until the completion of the event and beyond! We will do this by getting information to clients in a timely manner and running events with the highest quality games, activities and staff.


Email: rowan@eventteaminc.com
Telephone: 480.507.9140
3454 North San Marcos Place, Suite #2
Chandler, Arizona 85225


We provide an outstanding experience for your corporate events and beyond! We do this by running events with the highest quality games, activities and team building activities. We guarantee that each and every detail of the entire event process is easy and successful!